Ayrshire Garage Doors.

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Here you can find our FAQ for questions commonly asked,

Opening Hours:
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Showroom/Office Hours:
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Supply, Install, Automation, Service or Repairs to all makes and models of garage door.
Complete Garage Renovation available using Professional Local Contractors

Basic info that you can provide to help with choice of garage door

1. Size of your exisitng garage door, metric or imperial (This is the size of the door panel)

2. Is your Garage door on an existing Timber Frame? (Usually present in older Up & Over Doors
2.1 Is the Timber Frame visable from outside when the door is closed?
2.2 Is the timber frame in good condtion? ( To check try pushing a key into the timber within 100mm of the bottom)

3. Garage type? Brick/Block, Timber or Prefab Concrete sections)

Additional Information that will help provide a more acurate price

1.Opening size, (This is the size of the overall outside opening between brickwork and floor to lintel.

2. Size of butts on either side of the door viewed from inside looking out.

3 Height above lintel. (if sloping roof, take from lowest side)

Automation to existing Garage Doors

1. Always take advice from a reputable garage doors installer.

2. Doors over 10ft (3m) should always have a top end Door Operator

3. Existing Up & Over Doors should be Retractable Gearing, (Tracks inside suspended from ceiling or walls)

4. Emergency Release (Required if no auxiliary access into garage)