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Sectional or Roller (Vertical rising doors:)

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A guide to the different types of door gearing can be found here,
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Sectional doors :
Prices start from around £650 + Vat for a Single skin Sectional door (Standard fitting included)

Sectional Garage Doors consists of several sections instead of one single panel. This allows for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and especially when electrically operated.

These doors are perfect for most shapes of garage doorways including arches, and ideal for short driveways.

Sectional doors are an atractive solution and are available in Steel, Timber or fibreglass and also come in a large amount of standard Colours, including five decograins eg. (Rosewood and Golden Oak etc)

Roller Doors :
Prices start from around £800 + Vat for a basic Manual Single skin Roller door (Standard Fitting included)

Roller doors come in a variety of styles with both manual, Automatic, Single skin and insulated curtains

Able to accomodate openings up to 7m and no internal trackwork inside the garage these doors are ideal for those with high vehicles or those that use there garage as a workshop. With no standard size you know your going to get the maximum drivethough width available.

With a large range of colours available and no surcharge for colour change from the standard range, and only a small price incrase will get you a decopaint (Rosewood/Golden Oak), also available is the premium "Decograin" finishes

Although available in manual or automatic, it is recommended to go automatic from the start as retrofitting (if possible) can be expensive

Benifits of a sectional door

Added insulation is achieved through a draught seals (Standard on single skin and insulated doors), If you have accomodation above your garage, the insulating properties of all round draught seals will maintain an ambinet temerature.

Insulated panels also help when using your garage space for an intention other than parking your car.

Increasd driveway space: Sectional doors open and close vertically so that you are able to park your vehivle very close to the garage without causing any obstuction to the mechanism

Fitting behind the opening they can give you increased drivethrough clearance in width and in height .

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Benifits of a Roller Garage Door

Installed on the inside of your garage in a tight coiling curtain box installed above the garage opening to maximise drivethorugh width and height

Provides extra drieway space by allowing vehicles to be parked very close to the door without obstucting the mechanism

No standard sizes and can accomodate oepnings up to 7m Wide

No Price incrase for colour change

Generally made of 77mm Foam filled slats to provide strength and added insulation to your garage

Brochures and Price Lists

A guide to the different types of door gearing can be found here, (May not be viewable in some mobile devices)

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