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One Piece Up & Over Garage Doors Canopy or Retractable (Tracked)

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A guide to the different types of door gearing can be found here,
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A Canopy or Tracked Up & Over Garage doors are able to suit most applications, with such a large variation in standard sizes and materials there's an Up & Over to match everyones taste

Up and Over garage doors can come unframed (ready to fit to an exisitng timber frame) or fitted with a steel frame direct from the manufacturers. Although theres is a cost increase for the steel frame it is recommended, with no maintenace required, it will last the lifetime of the door

Steel doors :
Steel Garage Doors come in a vairied amount of style and standard Colours, White, Red, Blue, Black, Green etc and two Decograin Finishes (Rosewood and Golden Oak)

Timber Garage Doors :
Timber Garage Doors give style and elegance to any property, with its panel fitted to the reliable chassis of the steel door and using a cedarwood panel with your choice of woodstain for protection to the UK weather

GRP/Fibreglass Garage Doors :
GRP/Fibreglass are available in an everchanging fully finished woodgrain colours, with all doors hand made your door will be unique to you an no-one else


Prices start from around £450 + Vat for a basic Unframed Canopy Door (Standard fitting included)
The most cost effectve way of keeping your porperty secure.
Can be fitted to almost any opening with minimal headroom required and minimal loss of drivethrough width

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Prices start from around £500 + Vat for a basic Unframed Tracked Door (Standard Fitting included)
One of the most reliable gearing systems. minimal Maintenance and simple to repair
Can be Manual or Automated with a simple upgrade from manual to automated at anytime

Brochures and Price Lists
A guide to the different types of door gearing can be found here, (May not be viewable in some mobile devices)

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