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Automation Guide

Thinking of adding automation to your exisitng garage door? check out our FAQ for questions you may be asked,

A guide to the different types of door gearing can be found here,

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Buying a garage door operator is a long term investment and a number of points should be considered

Entry Level Garage door Operaors can now be installed for less than £300.00 + Vat

Pulling Force :
Choose an operator capable of liflting in excess of the force required to move your garage door so that the machine is not constantly working at the limits of its capabilites.
Dont expect a cheap entry level operator to lift your big double door if you cant do it easily yourself

It is most imprtant that the door is properly balanced and serviced regularly, if you cannot open the door fully with a single hand then you should not expect an operator to do it.

To check if your door needs serviced: Open the door half way up by hand and let go, if it drops then the door is under sprung and requires attention.

Safety :
This is obviously of great importance, a garage door is a large heavy object and you want the motor to stop immediately if the door is obstructed
Recent changes in safety regulations require that door operators which dont incorporate a self learning safety protection system be fitted with an additional light/safety beam or pressure sesative safety sensor across the lower edge of the door

External Emergency Release :
If your garage has no alternative pedestrain access door, an emergency release device will be required to allow operation of the door in case of power failure.
Most garage door operators require an aditional lock to be purchased seprately & fitted to the door to enable it to be opened manually from outside or a cable operated system which can be connected to the doors original locking handle

Security :
An Electric door opener should be able to hold the door closed securely at the top when closed,
Access with a radio controlled signal from a handset with an antiscam 'rolling code'" remote control system offer the ultimate in security by eliminating 'code grasbbing' (copying and duplicating the security code)

Reliability/Guarantee :
Garage Door operators guarantee's range from 1-5 years. As a general rule the longer the guarantee the more confidence the menufacturer has in their product.

Always take advice from your local garage door installer before purchasing a garage door operator. with the temptation to save money buying cheap over the internet doesnt always pay off if you need a repair in the future.

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